Travis Aubrey Skate Park

Chautauqua Park
1301 Bluff Avenue
Owensboro, KY 42303

Open Dawn-11 p.m. weather permitting

1. Only skateboards, inline skates and BMX bikes are allowed.

2. This is an unsupervised park and all users do so strictly at his/her own risk. The City of Owensboro does not assume any responsibility for loss or injury.

3. Use of this park is permitted during posted hours only. Violators may be cited or fined.

4. Use of safety equipment such as helmets and pads is strongly recommended.

5. All those under 18 years of age shall have adult supervision.

6. Bicycles must have protective covering on all pegs.

7. Weather conditions such as rain, snow and ice can impair ramps and skating surfaces. The Skate Park should not be used in those weather conditions.

8. Be aware of your surroundings at all times while using the  Skate Park. Loose and/or flying skateboards are possible.

9. Spectators shall stay off the concrete.

10. Obstacles, ramps or other equipment that are not a part of the original structure are not permitted to be used or added to the facility.

11. Improper conduct may result in suspension or expulsion from the park and may result in temporary closure of the facility.

12. Special events require permitting by the City of Owensboro.

13. Please skate safely and be respectful and courteous  to others. Share the park.

14. The following are not permitted in the park:

■ Smoking/Tobacco Products

■ Alcoholic Beverages

■ Drugs

■ Profanity

■ Road/Mountain Bikes

■ Bullying/Fighting

■ Graffiti/Tagging

■ Pets

■ Loud music

■ Glass containers

■ Weapons


Anyone caught not following the rules by Parks & Recreation Staff or the Owensboro Police Department may be banned from use of the park for a minimum of two days up to a permanent ban.  Please take pride in your skate park, place trash in receptacles and always display appropriate behavior.